Inspired by nature and embodying a sense of wild romance, my collection is hand crafted from my studio, hidden away in a historic mansion house in the heart of Truro.  Veils, capes, garters and pretty boleros, my creations are personally made with a nod towards nature and a touch of the Parisian.  With years of experience under my belt as a dressmaker and seamstress, I finally discovered that accessories are where my passion lies, the special finishing touch that brings an outfit to life.  Something that can be passed down through the generations, embodying an elegant heirloom quality.

A True Story…

As a child I loved wandering barefoot outdoors wearing fifties dresses and antique lace.  I reveled in a world of romance, making things out of twigs and flowers, lost in a land of fantasy.  As an adult, I soon realised there were other women out there who also loved walking in the woods, with trailing lace gowns, fellow daydreamers who wanted to embrace their soulfulness and wild beauty.

I love nothing more than creating accessories that evoke enchantment, contrasting twists and turns, tulle and lace, full of intricacy and imagination.  When I’m creating, the idea often evolves and grows like creeping leafy plants and tiny clusters of flowers opening from bud to bloom.  Sometimes I cut things up and weave them back together, discovering through decoupe what will happen next, letting the accessory weave it’s own tale.

My bride is the woman who wanders through the woodland with branches and blossoms caught on her clothing, a sense of beauty and self discovery as she emerges adorned with the pieces of nature she loves.  I want my bride to feel that her accessory eloquently expresses something from within her soul, showing not only her beauty as a bride but also honouring her truth and telling her tale through fashion.